Sunday, April 4

hi children,

let me just say, i can feel the day coming when i transfer to the prettier, easier Tumblr. prepare yo'selves. because as we can all see this blogging is just not happening as frequently as we'd all like.

and it's about to not happen for another week, because i am going to new mexico again for my spring break! i leave at midnight. get ready for some kuh-razy stories when i return, hopefully some like the famous middle-of-the-night bathroom nightmare last year--- such great times are upon me. i am leading a village this year which i'm super excited about. if anyone still reads this little guy, please pray for the trip! i hope that God uses each person and specifically, that they each feel loved and valued individually. that they know that they matter to the rest of the village and to God. i don't know why God has put this on my heart but we'll see why by the end of the week, i presume. because God is like that. gotta love that guy.

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Shannon said...

i read this little guy and am excited for a new blog! SO COOL!

praying for you while you're on your trip. :) :) :)

you will be a great leader heathie.