Sunday, April 5

my life be like ooooo waaahh

(see number 14 for explanation)

1. i have not been blogging because i have been sick! i have a fun cough that inhibits my speaking abilities as well as a fever and a cold. so i stayed home from school tuesday, went to school wednesday, got sicker as a result of the activity, stayed home thursday, went to school friday to take tests, and then got sicker again. lesson learned: when in doubt, stay home.

2. i took 16 vitamins on thursday. SIX. TEEN. i think that is called overdosing.

3. Marley & Me was the cutest movie ever. Favorite part: when she gets pregnant for the second time and goes "Oh, the luck of the Irish..." except she uses this really funny voice. You know? I rewound it like 3 times.

4. On Friday Ryan did some filming of my friends and I for a documentary on the horrors of abortion he's working on. We walked around looking sad. It shall be grand.

5. I went to the doctor yesterday to get a cure for my ailments, and I got a shot in my hip. It was truly odd.

6. I am miraculously better this morning, which means I can still go to New Mexico! HSM is going for a missions trip, and we leave tonight at 9! On a 12 hour bus ride! We're going to a Navajo reservation to minister to the people there. And we will be putting on a carnival for the children! Oh man, I'm excited. I'll be rockin' the bracelet making booth.

7. Except, here's the thing. We won't have showers. And me after one day without a shower = grease central. after 5 days of no shower? Umm....hopefully dry shampoo is a miracle worker.

8. I have eaten more Ricolas in the past five days than an average human eats in their lifetime.

9. Exactly one month until my birthday! And my grandma's birthday! Here is an interesting fact that I recently learned: My parents picked my birthday so that it was the same as my grandma's. I always thought it was just a beautiful concidence. But no, they schemed it. Not gonna lie, it was a little disheartening.

10. I would love it if I got Taylor Swift concert tickets for my birthday....Mother, I know you're reading this...

11. t.swift is just too great. I listen to her music DAILY. In fact, I am listening to Fearless as we speak...

12. I had a dream that it was prom, and I was at this Mexican restaurant. I wasn't going, but this big prom group came into the restaurant and the manager was like, "Come on, bring these chips to their table!" So I did, and then all of a sudden he hired me (he didn't say it, we just had this mutual mental agreement), and I was bringing all these appetizers to these teens in prom dresses and tuxes. So then this girl came in late, and the manager was like "Go take her order!"

So I approach her and ask her what she would like to drink. She asked where the drinks were on the menu, I showed her. She asked me what the corn meal was, and I described this beverage (which was on this video I watched in Spanish class- my real life Spanish class. It was this woman traveling through Spain and she got this corn meal drink from this stand).

So the girl was like "Okay, I'll have that, and the Rib-B-Q fajitas." So I went up 12 flights of confusing stairs (it took hours, and I passed my mom on the way) to the manager, and told him the girl's order...and he said they were out of the corn meal drink and that Rib-B-Q fajitas didn't exist. So I found a menu to see what the girl was thinking when she ordered. The menu was really bizarre- the names of items were in a foreign language and the descriptions were in hieroglyphics. But there was one English word hidden somewhere. So finally I found these pork fajitas and I figured maybe that was what she wanted.

So I went back down the confusing stairs but I couldn't find my way back to where the prom group was sitting...and I was really frustrated because I didn't even want to work at this dumb Mexican goes on, but I'll stop.

13. I saw Wall-E for the first time yesterday. It was great great great.

14. I have 899 photos and 125 movies in my Photobooth. I don't think that's normal. But everytime people come over, that's what we do- take tons of pictures and make movies. Naaat my problem. Our favorite type of picture is Cool Girl Mockery. see above.

14. My brother Carson and my dad are in India right now! Please pray for their safety and that God would use them in amazing ways to change the people there. (:


Katie said...

SIXTEEN VITAMINS AND A SHOT ON YOUR HIP?? what is the world are these doctors thinking?! ;P

btw, what a weird dream. i also had a strange dream, but if i wrote it all down this would become a very long post.

Isn't the movie Wall-E so cute?! i watched it with my family for my b-day and i fell in love with it.

awesome pics!

Perhaps you can take me with you if you get to go to a Taylor Swift concert. *wink, wink. nudge, nudge* ;)

Have fun in New Mexico! :) i wish that i could come, but it's a bit too late, plus i don't have enough money. :(

I will be praying for your brother, Carson, and for your dad. they are definitely going to change the people who live there. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes I read your blog and no you can't have Taylor Swift tickets for your birthday.
I think your waitressing dream was taken from my waitressing reality. I did a very short stint as a waitress, realizing quickly that if I couldn't remember people's orders by the time I got to the kitchen, and if I didn't know that 'soup de jour' meant 'soup of the day,' then it was probably not the career for me. I was passing you on those endless stairs because I was having to go back and ask my table if the "blue" on my notes meant bleu cheese dressing or the blue corn tortilla chips!
Love you!

m e g • (an) said...

oh my laws.
you used our word!!!
i smiled.

Shannon said...

yeah, good luck on the hair-grease..... i have the same problem, and have basically just had to suck it up and wear a bandanna or something. it gets pretty sick, and dry shampoo never works for me. have fun!

Shannon said...

oh, i did win an award for "worst hair" at RA camp one year. we couldnt shower all week, and had a contest at the end for who was the grossest.

maybe propose a contest and maybe you'll win!

Carrie said...

Hi Heather!

Looking forward to seeing your hair grease pics! And sorry about the T Swift tix... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather - well, I don't care about your hair, or any of that other stuff except that you and I have the same birthday and I think that's wonderful and yes, it was sort of planned. Your mom didn't get pg just so she could have you on my birthday, however. It's a great story and actually funny. Does that make you want for me to tell you more?

love ya and welcome home. I missed your presence on this here blog thing.