Tuesday, April 21

i hope everyone still like lists.

because i will always resort to them when i have multiple things to blog.

>> today we played a game in Comedy Sportz practice that only comes around once a year- oxygen deprivation. it's where two people start a scene, and one person has their head in a giant bucket of water. when they run out of air, they raise their hand and someone taps it and they enter the scene, and have to explain why they're dripping wet. it's glorious. the scene i did was not good. but whatever. it was enjoyable.

>> my birthday is in exactly two weeks! the big one six. there is sure to be a ragin' party, and meg, i will definitely be recruiting you for the invitation design. prepare yo'self.

>>i love the aftermath of hot days- right around 7 PM. driving home from Comedy Sportz, melissa and i shared that we both get in sentimental moods when driving home at dusk, passing beautiful scenery, the breeze blowing our hair, and it's warm outsite. we both just reflect on life in those moments. so cliche.

>> in drama 2 we always try and predict who will get what part in the next play. today someone told me that people thought i was in for it to be juliet in romeo & juliet. no thank you. i'd rather not memorize tons of shakespearean dialogue and have to awkwardly kiss romeo onstage in front of bored freshman english classes.

>> film auditions have been scheduled, it's official. may 11th at 1 pm. i need to pick a monologue.

>> next year i'm planning on taking spanish at saddleback to have one less class- any advice on this...?

>> i am just in a great great mood. AP euro and a horrible english grade can't even get me down.

_$*%()KDSGJkv$U($T()_# woooo


m e g • (an) said...

meg, as is me?
me? me, meg, me?
if so,
i'm on it.

if you make it big in the film world.
we're still being friends.
even if you become best friends with miley.
haa. psych.
i knew you would appreciate that comment.
if you meet her, tell her to clean up her act.

your birthday.
that's exciting.
you are almost legal.
then we can meet halfway.
which possibly is..
and i love vegas.

you. me. sid. vegas.
be there.

Anonymous said...

If you can take Kihyet for spanish at saddleback, do it!
She's amazing

kamini maya said...

1. happy happy almost bday heather! you just enjoy your glorious 16 rather than being a loser like me and remaining party-less.
2. i know about 4 people taking spanish 3 at saddleback this summer. (it's their spanish 2). and i know some people who have already taken it and it's supposedly easy. but idk.
3. hahaha. romeo and juliet.

Katie said...

hahahaha, kiss awkwardly onstage. at my drama class (which i shall be returning to this upcoming fall) we didn't force the two main characters to kiss, instead it was changed into a hug, definitely less awkward.

so, what would you like for your b-day? ;-P