Sunday, April 19

i am just getting worse and worse.

sorry for the 9 day absence.

i am going to make a list because lists are great.

1. i left on friday with my sri lanka group to spend the night on skid row. man alive. it was really great. we passed out soup to the homeless, sorted clothes for a clothing distribution, held up
"car wash" signs and helped wash said cars, talked to a lot of homeless people, learned the four verses that aid in witnessing to people, saw giant cockroaches, attended a morning Proverbs study that this church does for the homeless, and encouraged/prayed for the homeless at said Proverbs study. mmmmm i want to go back ASAP. any takers?

2. i am about to depart for my first drive on the freeway. livin' it up.

3. we performed King Arthur wednesday night and all day friday. surprisingly, it was not as horrible as i was expecting. it was acutually quite fun. especially since we did a rave dance with glow sticks at the end.

4. i am off to a new mexico reunion. hopefully i will post some more stories soon...considering i only put one up.

5. funny story: rachel, danielle, alex and i decided to walk to berry swirl on saturday, and we took a shortcut, which involved climbing the steepest slope ever. and i was wearing slippery sandals. needless to say, i was almost at the top, when i grabbed onto these branches for support and they broke and i slid all the way down. stupid berry swirl was closed.


m e g • (an) said...

1) I am a taker! I want to go to where ever you were talking about in #1!! Oh my. That sounds so inspirational, and strengthening. Heath, that is so amazing that you got to go do that.

2) what the heckkk is berry swirl?

Katie said...

man, i wish that I had been at your play. i was planning to come, but then things came up. (X_X) it's not right!!!!

Sri Lanka sounds fantastic! :D