Sunday, March 21

i'm back with some fresh excuses,

1. i had THREE comedy sportz games last week. all in a row. so that kept me super busy.
2. i am not even at my own house for the next two weeks. mama and papa leith are on a cruise in costa rica for their 30th anniversary, so i am staying with my sweet family friends named karin and joe. they are grandparents and they make me breakfast in the morning, something my parents NEVER do. so i am loving staying with them. i woke up on morning #1 to a bowl of cut-up strawberries and some cheerios. uhhh, YES. this is the good life.

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Brooke Leigh said...

hello, you have been tagged and awarded from my blog to yours! check out my latest post for more details (or the blog named "Beautiful Blog Award" incase I blog more before then)! xoxo