Sunday, March 14

elllle ayyye part two.

i went up to the city of angels again, this time with the whole film class. mission: alice in wonderland at the el capitan. but we had to be tourists in our own homeland and go see groman's chinese theater, of course.not me, not hermione, YOU.
uh, 'scuse me latino mr. incredible but we did not invite you into the picture.

wizards, obvi.
THAT'S what snape wants.
THAT'S what fluffy's guarding.
THAT'S what's under the trap door.
The Sorcerer's Stone.

(great delivery, daniel.)
2 laydiez juz livin life & modeling in the big citie
anyway, the movie was fun to look at but the ending was horrible, horrible, horrible. a lot of people hated the whole thing but i liked it, sans the conclusion. so i'd recommend it. i was entertained.

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