Thursday, February 11

a sneak preview of my thrilling four day weekend ahead;

friday is, thus far, plan-less. any takers?

saturday: check it--
>> worship band leader meeting in the morn. love those.
>> church at 4:30. i am attempting to bring some people from school, so please pray that their schedules would open up if you will! slash that they'd actually agree to come.
>> after that i am going up to pasadena for shan's art show and then spending the night with her! can. not. wait.

is sure to be thrilling as i will be heading to biola for spring preview day and staying there over night with emily, natalie, and jessi. i'll have the opportunity to attend classes and chapels and learn more about biola! as if i don't know everything already...but really, this will be a great opportunity to see it through the eyes of an actual, potential student. it is very very very weird that i am at this stage in life. next year is senior year, people. whaaat? didn't i just start writing on this blog as an 8th grader, eager to get to high school? melissa and i were talking about this the other day. in no time, we will be graduating high school and beginning real life. i, am, nervous.

anyway. monday will be filled with homework and whatever else my little heart desires.

look at me, posting two days in a row and everything! it's like a breath of fresh air. because i can get everything out of my mind and onto electronic paper. plus, just looking at my blog header makes me feel like i'm getting an actual breath of fresh air. so it's win-win, for everyone.


Marilyn Paul said...

Hi Heather, I heard that you have a car now...did you have it in time to drive to this fun week-end? I would love to hear how your Biola visit went! I would love to hear about your CAR! I would love to see a picture of you in this automobile!!!!!love ya, GR MA

Marilyn Paul said...

Hi Heather, now I'm writing again because I have just discovered that you have started blogging again and I didn't know it. I said down below that you had stopped blogging and I'd stopped checking. Now I have had to add comments on blogs that you probably don't look at anymore. I enjoyed catching up on you and your ideas and your pictures and your wonderful way of writing your thoughts - keep it up, please!

Katie said...

yes, i am nervous about going into real life as well. ;D but, it sounds like you're going to have a great 4 day weekend.

and i have to agree with your point about posting. i've kinda missed it since the start of facebook. ;D i just posted a new thingy and i feel so relaxed now.

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