Wednesday, February 10

aaand another one.

new blog header, once again. i like this one. and i think we can all come to terms and say that i love helvetica and helvetica neue ultralight a little too much.

but, true confessions time...i really am not as knowledgeable in the font world as i let on to be. yes, i do know the difference between a serif and a sans-serif, and i definitely have a list of top five hated fonts, but the fact that i can't really think of any pretty ones off the top of my head besides, well, hevetica, shows that i am kind of a faker.

forgive me?


VAEnilla. said...

the girls on my lacrosse team want to use kristen itc on our spirit wear. kristen itc is on my list of top five hated fonts. /:

welcome.erin (: said...

dearest heather, I have not been onto my blog in FOREVER! but you made me smile when I found out you blog almost everyday! (: i lvoe you tons.

Jason Leith said...


heath(er) said...

veigh- EW. EW EW DISGUSTING GROSS. please protest as much as you can.

erin- i do not blog every day at all, quite the opposite actually. but i love you too!