Monday, February 22

first order of business;

this picture is beatiful.

second; that little four-day weekend i mentioned is long gone, and what a lovely weekend it was.

the highlight was definitely biola preview day. MAN oh man, i absolutely loved the atmosphere and the community there. i went to three classes (pre-production for a film, journalism, and old testament) and loved them all. what i specifically liked was how the professors were teaching their students how to incorporate their faith into their career. i feel like that is a vital thing to learn, and not many schools offer that. i also went to a chapel and a worship night, both of which were tip top.

and! i loved loved the close community there- everyone i met was so welcoming and friendly. plus, i have grown up at biola...i even took tennis lessons there when i was 10 years old (bad memories as far as the tennis goes. it involved puking in a nordstrom's bag...but still). so, for now, i'm thinkin' that biola is where i will be in a year and a half. things may change, of course...but i really liked it and enjoyed seeing it through the fresh eyes of an actual, prospective student. it was like a glimpse into my future.

i just want to go there now, please.


Shannon said...

bummer about puking in the nords bag......... shoot.

Katie said...

gosh, i haven't gotten round choosing a college yet and you're already to go! ;)