Thursday, October 1

you know you are in california when...

it's october 1st, and it's blazing hot.
when shorts and a t-shirt are absolutely necessary, and wearing jeans makes you suffer from heat stroke.
when you can't get enough water because the air is so dry.
when it turns 70 degrees for 2 days and the population celebrates, busting out pants and sweatshirts.
when every human on facebook posts statuses on how it rained for three minutes.

it's times like these i am jealous of utah-ians.


m e g • (an) said...

we are on different worlds.
today we lacked snow, though the fall, crisp air was lovely.

Shannon said...

good job drinking your water.

Jason Leith said...

Heather, I love you and miss you and think this is hilarious. I am enjoying it very much right now.

Christine Fuchs said...

dear Heather,

confession: I already knew you had a blog.
Jason facebook messaged me about a week ago with the link to it, and we were messaging back and forth about a few of our favorite posts.

I'll have to show you our messages sometime. We're too big of fans of you & your blog.


Shannon said...

does the lack of posts mean youre really busy??????????????????????