Thursday, September 10

if school was a facebook status, i would click "like."

so here's the breakdown-

school is nice. i enjoyed my first day.
it went like this-

melissa and her mother picked me up in the morning.
pictures were taken by our moms. as always.

i think this one could be called,
"the most unflattering angle ever."

when i got my schedule at school, i saw that they did not add in my independent study yearbook class like i asked them to at registration. meaning, i did not have a first period. cool. so i went to guidance and asked them if they could fix it, and they just sassed me and told me to find something to do until second period. because they were too busy to change it. um....
whatever. i sat in the back of drama 1 while sautner talked.
soo after that i went on with my classes,

first chemistry honors with gaines.
that was fun i guess, i like her.

then english honors with stewart,
that was quite enjoyable, she is really nice and it's a good class.

and then snack.
and then history!! oh history. my love.
i went from crazy intense AP euro, where the first day was like doing notes and the homework was memorizing 70 artists and paintings,

to regular US history, where mrs. thompson does hilarious stand up comedy the whole class and we had share time and said our name and an interesting fact about ourselves.

our homework is to decorate the front of our "learning log" with pictures or things we like.
the class is a joke. a reeeeally good joke.

next! math analysis. with suarez. the best math teacher, ever. except that was the period i was supposed to have independent study yearbook (which is basically i sleep and do homework and do senior ads), so i will have to switch out. but i am loving it while it lasts.

oh and in that class this girl comes and kneels by my desk randomly, and says "hi, i don't know anyone in this class." hahahh it was very bold of her! we talked for the remaining 30 minutes of class. taylor. very nice girl. i like her.

so after going off campus! for lunch, i went back to film, so lovely, i'm excited for it. it will be where a lot of my stress will come from but it will be great nonetheless.

so there you have it! junior year looks promising. for now.

AND, my good day became WONDERFUL when i got home and saw a package on the stairs for me. it was from little otsu. it was my planner. my glorious planner. i almost died from happiness when i opened it. i am so excited to go write things in it.

so, life is good. no, life is great.
optimism at its finest.


Shannon said...

you optimistic soul, you.

dont you LOVE mrs thompson?
told you!!!

and i love that you have a little otsu planner! which one? the under the sea one?????

heath(er) said...

i have the come along one.
what if we had the same wallet AND the same planner!?

Shannon said...

oh dont worry i had that one two times ago! now i have the house one, and last time i had the redwoods one.


m e g • (an) said...

if heather leith was a facebook status, i would click "like."

i adore your outfit.
i wish i had enough creative ability to pull off the "indie yet stylish" look.
you do, quite well.

you use a planner too?!
Me dos.
I just bought myself a new one for this school year, and guess what? It's for 2010, therefore i can't use it until January.
I'm upset.
But a whoot whoot for planner users!