Saturday, October 24

remember that one time i blogged?

yeah, me neither.
i guess after three years i am a little tired
but, i have decided to make a considerable effort to keep this little blog going.
so, let's begin with my favorite music video i have made thus far.
party in the usa.
it took eight hours.
well, not really, because we took a few breaks to eat and plan homecoming (which is next week!)
but nonetheless, it was a big production. complete with editing till 1 AM.
and we are all very proud.
random people have been coming up to me and saying, "your video? THE BEST THING EVER."

so, enjoy! and sorry i left you waiting for so long. i am speaking to the three people that have been bugging me to blog (mother, grandmother, and megan.) so here you go!
(i recommend clicking on the video and watching it on youtube, so that the edge isn't cut off. or just make it big-screen by clicking the little box thing at the bottom.)


Cafe Pasadena said...

If U have nothing to say or blog about, then don't stress out about having to post. Still, I think you have things to say or show, so try to blog at least once a month.

Blogging can take time cuz compared to other websites, it's made for more serious writing, and writers.

m e g • (an) said...

You are an inspiration.
This movie is the highlight of my day.
Of my life.

For what reasons?
Oh, i will tell you.
1) Miley Cyrus makes me want to poke my eyes out, however, i secretly adore her teeny bopper music & you embrace her lyrics to the fullest.
2) Props for being oh so clever.
3) The costumes were brilliant.

Do you like to dance? I get the feeling you like to dance. Hey, dance party at my house with Miley. Be there or be square.

i really enjoyed your surplus of comments. It made me smile and my insides felt cozy.

we may or may not be twins seperated at birth.

Anonymous said...

the video is soo incredibly amazing i love it!
and by the way i read your blog too or at least i do when i remember to and i was dissapointed because i thought you were completely giving up
-martha :]

blythe said...

that is. awesome.

you're probably
the coolest high schooler i know.

maybe the coolest person, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, well, Gr Ma is back! I really really really am amazed at the talent it takes to let it fly and do a entertaining "song" like this. You and your friends must have a great time doing this kind of thing - do more! You're the best.

It was GREAT visiting with all of you this last ya,
gr ma