Thursday, September 3


this is so true.
we [i] get so caught up in our own friend groups,
and forget that there are people all around us,
at school, church, work, etc,
that have absolutely no one to talk to.
this has been on my mind a lot recently as the new school year starts up.
i don't want to have the same year as last year,
where i stayed comfortable all year in my own friend circle
and didn't really reach out to people who don't have friends
or don't know Christ.
God calls us to tell others about Him,
to have deeper conversations,
to love those who no one else will.
this year, i want to be someone who is friendly, kind, inviting, non-judgmental.
i want to be someone who is bold, who takes risks for God.
someone who decides to love those who i hoped God wouldn't ask me to reach out to.
someone who doesn't just exist, keeping my faith inside.
i want to make a difference.
i want to accept whatever God challenges me with to the best of my human ability,
and just truly live life how He tells me to, in all aspects.
i want to pour out God's love, because He loved me first.
i want to live my life as a sacrifice, a giant "thank you" to God for loving me so much.
it's this part of going back to school that i'm excited for.
i refuse to live the same comfortable school life that i lived last year.
it's just been on my mind lately.


Carson Leith said...

i'm so overjoyed to hear this!

this is an essential thing that some Christians don't get for their whole lives. I'm glad you don't want to be comfortable. This is the start of God really using you to the full extent.

I love you and I love that God is showing you wise things from His infinite wisdom.

Shannon said...

totally love this.
you go, heath.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, most people don't approach someone they don't know because they are afraid. Sounds like you have a good idea of getting past what your reception will be like with others and on to how they might need you and what you can offer in caring and interest in their lives. Wonderful! Go for ya GR MA