Sunday, August 30


// dear screenplay,
i have made a little progress on you. literally, a little. like a page. and i'm still lost as to what to put in between that and the ending. can you make yourself a little easier to write? thanks.
not love,
your slave.

// dear long dresses,
i wish i could pull you off. like in a casual setting. but i simply cannot. which is not fun, because i found a really cute one of you at target. maybe i should take a risk and buy you? just please be long enough for my long legs.
your fan.

// dearest ernest hemingway,
why did you write "a farewell to arms"? it really isn't a good book. war novels are no fun to read, don't you know that?
sincerely, the poor girl that has to read your book for honors english.

// dear farmville,
no one on facebook appreciates you flooding their news feed. please cease to exist, you are a dumb game.
without any love,
a girl who just wants to read her friend's status updates and stuff.

// dear, dear heat wave,
really now? over 100 degrees? where do you think you are, palm springs? this is orange county. go away. no one wants you here. you are going to make my disneyland visit miserable. if you'd be so kind as to back off tomorrow, i'd love it. thanks.

// dear new black tank top,
i like you.
your #1 fan.

// dear new skirt,
i like you more.
your #1 fan.

// dear disney's "send it on,"
i am ashamed to like you, yet i cannot help jamming to your environmentally friendly tune. thank you for existing.
- your secret lover

// dear school,
you can stay away longer if you want...
one of your captives.


Anonymous said...

Dear Heather, NO DOUBT on how you feel about different things! I'm glad I'm on your "good" list, or I think I am! I'm really hoping that it gets cooler, school doesn't start, you finish that book, you get the clothes like/want/need! You're great!!! love ya, GR MA

heath(er) said...

grandma, you are always on my good list. always.

m e g • (an) said...

dear heather.
i also have an obsession with "send it on", it's on my favorites list on my ipod.
love meg.

blythe said...

who do you have for honors english? I took that class (ugh), and can't remember that lady's name for the life of me! that class was a pain. but it was worth it to get to swenson's ap class senior year...hang in there! :]

Shannon said...



i confess that i have a cynical attitude toward dear________ blog posts, but this one kind of ruled.