Thursday, September 3

there's a first time for everything.

last night my sister and i ordered bathing suits online from J.Crew!
this is something very new for us.
we both needed new bathing suits, and decided to wait until summer was over to get some...?

first we went to the mall to go to macy's swim store...but we drove all the way there to find that it closed down.
whatever, we just went to BJ's and enjoyed ourselves.
but then shan suggested that we get some from J.Crew online. it was so fun!
this is what i got-

so exciting!
online shopping, i like you.


ali said...

i have that top in grey! it's the best suit ever!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, Love the top, but the bottom might have a BUTT problem on most girls...wish I could see it from the back on you before making up my mind!!!! ya, GR MA

heath(er) said...

oh don't worry, they tucked the back of it under the front for presentation purposes. it's a regular butt. have no fear grandma.

Shannon said...

thats what i thought too grandma......... mom informed us it was so 'you could see the cut of the front.'

who knew.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grandgirls, I'm now able to feel relieved that Heather will be as modest as this suit allows! It will be smashingly cute, I'm sure. Wish I could see it, but don't buy me one of those, ya, GR MA

Shannon said...

and fyi: i bought a ONEPIECE.'

your grandgirl

m e g • (an) said...

cute heather.
so cute.