Monday, August 24

an update on roxanne.

warning: her story does not have a happy ending.
melissa and i could not find the receipt for PetSmart, so we decided to set her free in the RSM wilderness.

we are aware that we basically killed her.
but we figured, hey, if we returned her to PetSmart, they would feed her to the snakes anyway. so we thought we'd give her an exciting life and let her explore the wild and learn to be a nature mouse.

we filmed her release. i'll try to get that for you. it's a gem of a video.

well, i guess i should say RIP roxanne. because chances are high that she was eaten or died due to her lack of food-gathering knowledge. poor thing. but that's the circle of life!


Cafe Pasadena said...

Animals have to eat. And usually it means they have to resort to a form of cannibalism. That's Life...and, death in the real world, unfortunately.

m e g • (an) said...

for the record,
i am still upset about this.

your answer plan was brilliant. you would fit in nicely here with all your creative, and clever ideas.
i'm debating between your idea, and another.
i will keep you posted.