Monday, August 24

this is difficult.

i am writing a screenplay right now for a film class i'm taking...
goodness gracious.
it's so hard.
i would like to hereby commend people who can write fiction.
i am not good at imagining a story and thinking of different plot lines and characters and conflicts.
i have a general concept, and know how i want my movie to end, but beyond that...i have no idea.

i started writing today, and only got through less than half of a page when i got stuck and couldn't think of where to go next. please wish me luck. lots and lots of it. and for some brilliant inspiration to pop into my little head.



Anonymous said...

Maybe your film should be, "A Tale of One Mouse."


heath(er) said...

well, there was a film called Rat last year, so i don't think that's the best option.