Thursday, August 20

a tale of one mouse.

so today melissa and i bought a mouse,
and her name is roxanne.
she is white with black spots.
she was $6.99 at petsmart.
we bought her and her berry yogurt bites on whim.
so we came home and, after reading up on mouse care
on wikipedia, put her in a large plastic bin,
complete with water, 5 cheerios, a cup to burrow in,
and some newspaper and paper towel to shred up
for her entertainment.

the website also said that females should be bought in trios,
or else they'll die from lonliness.

she's boring and leaps away when we try to pick her up.
so, seeing as she has a 14 day return policy,
we're probably going to return her so we don't kill her.
our plan was to give her to someone.
we chose larson.
but now that we think about it,
what would he do with her?
she would lead a much happier life back in her little cage
at petsmart.

so long, roxanne. it's been fun.


Carson Leith said...

i thoroughly enjoyed reading this entry.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, this reminds me of my "pet" tries! Hamsters, gerbils, a minah bird, a white parrot, a monkey, a green parrot, a ground squirrel, cats and dogs etc. and they didn't last long for various reasons. It's not easy to be a pet's MOM! Don't give up. There's a pet out there that will match your unique needs. BUT I never succeeded -

love ya, GR MA

m e g • (an) said...

that's spontaneous.
i like it.
a lot.

utah school is bizarre.
we have jr. high, which is 7th to 9th, then high school is 10th to 12th.