Thursday, June 4

hah. this is very clever.

as is this.
this however, disgusts me.
the term "fail" makes me cringe.
and so does individually wrapped rubber cheese.
and so do cat pictures.

well, i have been editing two spanish commercials for the past 5 hours...

our drama banquet was yesterday,
yearbook distribution/banquet is tomorrow,
and prom is saturday!
hooray formal events!

oh and we (the people in yearbook) got our books yesterday...they are grand. and no one else has them for another day. yess.

two more weeks of school! this is a scattered post! accept it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, the school year must be just about finished if the year book is out. Are you going to do year book again next year? Hope to see yours someday love ya, gr ma

Anonymous said...

Call me dumb, or call me humorless, but I don't get the June calendar. Is it just a June calendar on grass?
PS: I love cat pictures. That photo is hilarious. And darling. Accept it.

Katie said...

two more weeks of school for you? Awesome!! i just got off this week. ;)