Tuesday, May 26

congratulations jess!

my small group leader graduated last weeked with her Master's in education!
melissa, danielle and i went up to Biola to cheer her on.
and here we are!

also! my sister shannon graduated from Biola too with a degree in Art, i don't exactly know how to phrase that...?
congratulations shan!
i am very proud of both of you.


m e g • (an) said...

The morp DL.

as you know, Utah school's have lost their dang minds. We have like 12 dances a year.

May(ish) we have prom. Which, i would believe, it normal prom for everyone else. Formal. Guy ask girl. Etc.

Two weeks after prom we have another dance, which we call Morp. Prom backwards. Girl ask guy. Casual. Clever, eh?

i enjoy it.

Alyssa said...

new blog!