Sunday, June 7

prom oh nine !

prepare yourself for a lot of pictures.the date: frank howley.
he's prom king, whatever.

the massive group

the best friends

we thought this pose represented our relationship.

embaby and vcast!

beidxcore to the end.

we decided to re-enact all of the plays we have done in drama 2:

house on mango street
(melissa and i were trees, vanessa was esperanza)

(melissa and i were mice, vanessa was the color blue. literally.)

christmas carol
(i was scrooge's kind niece, melissa was the ghost of marley, vanessa was a cratchit)

king arthur
(i was a lady of the court, melissa was marilyn monroe, vanessa was a dancing fool)
gotta love drama 2.

caro and matthew

this is a re-enactment of our winter formal picture...
which was a re-enactment of another picture.


rachel patla, photographer and hair stylist extraordinaire.

jason vanessa melissa me rachel joe!

mel b. and mel c.

melissa sandwich!


sometimes my mother forgets how tall i am.

oh dear.

and finally, the entire group...
there you have it!
the dance was real fun.
goooood times.


m e g • (an) said...

oh oh oh!
super cute pictures.
super cute!
i love your dress.
You've got this crazy vintage, chic style going on.
i love it.

Each letter, said with enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

I have decided that your re-enactments of your Drama 2 plays are utterly brilliant. In mere seconds you all transformed from one character to the next, and I can SEE tree or mouse or blue in your interpretations. Best part of prom. Bravo.

blythe said...

oooh melissa's red hair is lovely.

it may or may not be a recent thing, but it's news to me.
suddenly i am creeping myself out.

Katie said...

awesome pics and you look very beautiful!