Thursday, May 7

my life begins in 19 hours.

the pinnacle of my entire year in AP european history is tomorrow.

the AP test.
what we have been building up to all year.
each day on the board there was a countdown...157 days...98 days...30...10...3....28 hours...
and now it's here.

i will arrive at school at 8, skipping first period on mr. stordahl's demands.
i will sit in the library with the other 158 AP euro students for five hours while he reviews the entire year's learnings.
and at precisely 1:00, i will take my two sharpened #2 pencils, two black pens, my watch, and my accumulated knowledge of european history from the dark ages to the present, and i will march into that gym, remove my shoes (cheating scandal) and attempt to pass.

80 multiple choice questions (all insanely difficult), a document-based essay, and two thematic essays.

wish me luck.

this was much too dramatic.
i'm going to go study.


m e g • (an) said...

oh butt.
AP tests.
i'm glad i was a slacker and didn't sign up for those this year. But i have my fair share next year.

i'm glad you had a bizzomb of a birthday.

and that dance was THEE dance of the year.
the major.
but yes, we have like 12.4 dances.

elise! said...

ap tests scare me... i have my ap world history test in a few days...

good luck, i am sure you will do great!