Tuesday, May 5

it's my party and i'l cry if i want to.

but i won't cry, because i had a delightful birthday, complete with a delicious breakfast made by my brother at 5 AM, cake, gifts, cards, a mix CD, Facebook comments, in-person comments, texts, phone calls, a mariachi band, an unenthusiastic physics class singing to me, BJ's, and a new bed!

the only downer was voyaging to Disneyland to embrace the $69 birthday gift card...only to have them shut the window in our face because we were 5 minutes past closing time. cool, Disneyland. thanks for being the happiest place on earth.

but hey. i'm officially 16, i can't be complaining.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, I even had a surprise on our same birthday. Some friends got together and we had cake and yak....great!
love ya, gr ma