Saturday, May 9

so concludes THE greatest birthday, ever.

if my surprise party, new bed, cards, and gifts from my friends and family weren't enough...


this is what i like to call my DREAM.

i LOVE taylor swift. i listen to her daily. she speaks to me.
she is not full of herself or rude to her fans.
she is a real person. and by "real," i mean real in character, not in...physicality?

i am going on the 24th and spending the night in san diego!

and, may i just say, my mother is too funny.
she put these packs of "taylor made" brand golf balls in a tupperware (the tickets were underneath wrapped in tissue). get it? it was a little hint. that i didn't catch on to. i was like "golf...what could be under this tissue that has to do with golf..."

she succeeded in her distraction. because i saw the word ticketmaster and was speechless. i then put on some t.swift for my family and danced for them and sang along with her in glee.

mama leith! you have outdone yourself. thank you, thank you, thank you.


mkr mouse said...

I'm so glad for you!

Erin said...

YAY I'm so excited for us :)

Marilyn said...

Well, Heather, if you think your Mother outdid herself with concert tickets - I think she outdid herself with your whole complete from-start-to-finish birthday! Your whole family showed how important and loved you are with all the things that happened for at least a week, I observe!!! love ya too, GR MA

TheEnglishKid said...

Taylor Swift was in London this week! My friend went to see her, and said she was amazing! I hope you have an awesome time!

Katie said...

that is totally amazing! have a fun time! :)

jen :] said...

wow. you are luck to the eee. lucky woman. behave yourself at this concert, and get her autograph. that is sooo exciting.