Sunday, November 2

the pants theif strikes again!

rachel patla held my jeans captive for three months, which i recently discovered.

but a few days ago, i was at her house when i realized that she was holding my fleece superman pajama bottoms AND my adidas sweatpants captive too! when i discovered, she guiltily admitted that she'd had them forever...and she even had the nerve to get mad at my for taking them back. my mom called to say she was there to pick me up, and so i went to get my pants out of the dryer, which she was not expecting, and she ACTUALLY said to me, "heather! i'm really mad!"

"RACHEL!" i retorted, "these are MY pants. i have the right to take them back from you."
we just laughed and i walked out the door, along with my two precious pairs of pants.

never again, rachel, will i loan you any article of clothing. because you never give anything back. and then you get mad at me when i do take it back.

but i love her anyway.