Saturday, November 1

i went for the old standby:

the classic meant-for-a-three-year-old-poofy-small-unrealistic-ugly princess costume.
and rachel was a rocker.
and zeinah wore her flapper girl costume from 7th grade.

oh, what a night.
first we went to the trunk-or-treat at church, which is where little kids go around to different themed cars and retrieve candy.
so we sat on the back of a car and gave them their treats.

then! we went to cory's house and ate chili, and went trick-or-treating to approximately five houses.

THEN! we went to the pumpkinfest at church,
ohhh man was it fun.
it was basically a dance.
and it was oh so enjoyable.
except my meant-for-a-three year old costume was really tight and hot.
but it was definitely worth it.
and there was also karaoke, and i sang a duet with rachel and then a duet with melissa.
the crowd loved us...
AND there was a maze and a showing of the great pumpkin charlie brown movie.
ahh it was so fun!

halloween oh eight. was so great.


• m e g • said...

Ha, i love the trunk-or-treat. Our church does that too. How pleasant.

7 periods? Oh my. You're school is longer than ours too.
For us in lovely Utah, we have 4 periods a day. Yet, we have A and B days. We alternate classes everyday. Like..
Tuesday i had Orchestra, Fitness, Interior Design, and Seminary (which is like bible study for the rest of the world, i think. We have a whole period just for it. But it is an elective of course, but most of the school takes it just because of the culture around here. It's the best.) Then on Wednesday i would have Algebra 2, English H, drivers ed, then biology. Then back to orchesta and what not the next day. I like it actually, it gives us an extra day to do homework. Which i usually need. 1st period starts at 7:45, then we get out at 2:15. Besides monday, that is early out. We get out at 1:15. Do you guys have early out days? Or is that just a utah thing? mmm, the things i ponder about..

Katie said...

yeah, it was awesome!!! i also had a great time at pumpkinfest & trunk-or-treat. =)

• m e g • said...

Heather Leith,
this is response to your response.

I would have you know, i had 66 posts in one month, when you had 31. Lets fight. :)
Just because you have 575 posts does not mean you have to ridicule me. I do not appreciate it. :)
I now challenge you to a blogging war. Lets see who the real blogger is. :)

blythe said...

your costume is ahhhhmazing