Saturday, October 4

the case of the missing jeans: solved.

so. i have these jeans. they are sevens, but they were only $30 at TJ Maxx.
and they have been missing since june.
i have always wondered where they have gone. how in the world did i lose my jeans?! my perfect fit, not too skinny, not too wide, perfectly faded, perfectly dark, worn-in, tear-in-the-upper-inner-thigh-from-playing-at-melinda-heights jeans?

i have been sad and perplexed about the mysterious loss of these jeans for four months.

so today, my dearest companion rachel patla was over. we were sitting cross-legged on the floor, playing cards. near the end of the game, i look closely at her jeans...and a tear in the upper, inner thigh catches my glance. and i recall that the design on the back of the pocket is the Seven "S"...and that she has worn these MULTIPLE times. MULTIPLE. i have always thought they looked familiar...

"HEY!" i scream. "THOSE ARE MY JEANS!"
rachel smiles guiltily. "Dang it! I've had these for three months and you haven't noticed!"
"YOU BRAT!" i yell, laughing, "Go take them off NOW."
ashamed, she stands up and goes to take them off. I continue to yell at her for the next 10 minutes. after she hands them over, i put them on, and relief washes over me. my jeans. my perfectly worn in jeans. they fit like a glove.

what a cheesy post. but seriously, this is the best day of my life.
that dang rachel owes me.


rachel kalei. said...

I'M SORRY!!!!!

rachel kalei. said...

I'M SORRY!!!!!

Katie said...

LOL!!! that's happen to me before, except it was brother borrowing my headphones. =P

Jordan said... This post made me laugh so hard!

Anonymous said...

Oh Heather, the sadness I felt when I found out that your dearest friend was trying to shaft you! Get her out of your life! OR, say "what would Jesus do?" and just forgive her for being such a thief!!!

love ya, GR MA

Anonymous said...

Ok great post but WHAT did she go home wearing?