Friday, November 14

jump for joy!

even though i look headless and armless in this photo and my legs are awkwardly contorted!

for i am semi-officially ON comedy sportz.
they need to train more people for next year, so they took on me and this kid matt.
they said it was to train us, but i think i'm basically a regular part of the team. i will even do some shows at the end of the year!
i am SO SO SO SO excited. BEYOND thrilled. SUPERBLY giddy.
and nervous at the same time.
it was a good, good day.

AND! i took a physics test...and i actually understood the questions. and i'm pretty sure i got a good grade. this is revolutionary. i have yet to comprehend one concept...but inertia just all make sense when i took this test.

....go team.


Katie said...

Congratulations!!! i wish that i could go to your school and listen to you on comedy sports. =)

Shannon said...

yay heath :)


Anonymous said...

woo! i want to go to all your shows.

yours sincerely,

Jason Leith said...


That is excellent, excellent news! i am so proud of you :)

blythe said...

shannon told me this last night and i am soooo excited for you! we'll have to come cheer you on!! :)

Anonymous said...

I am enthralled with your headless armless portrayal of joy. How did you capture joy so effectively without your appendages? It's still stumping me (no pun intended).