Sunday, November 16

how to party hard

[ step one ] bust out a spinning double disco ball, otherwise known as a mini-mace
[ step two ] turn it on in the garage
[ step three ] turn the lights off
[ step four ] pump up the jam, ideally hannah montana and n*sync
[ step five ] open the garage to get some cool air circulating and to impress the neighbors
[ step six ] play pool
[ step seven ] do not stop dancing

it works really well, i promise.


Sidney said...

Us utah'ns know how to party, and this is exactly how we did it, except we used a strobe light instead. It was quite gangster though. Sounds like a blast!

Katie said...

sounds awesome!!! i should try it for my b-day next year. ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for having us over!

super fun!

m e g • (an) said...

It is the weirdest thing..
that is exactly how i party.

I went to party a couple weekends ago, and that is exactly what happened. (like sid said.)

atta girl!