Friday, November 14

praise the lord.

my brother was visiting westmont college, you know, to experience collegiate life there.
and the one night he goes there, there is a fire.
the dorm he was staying in burned down. but great news. he is alive and not dead!
although he did lose his iPod, some books, clothes, a Bible, and songbooks- important things, but replacable. he had his journal, which is priceless. so we are all good in the neighborhood, for the most part.

except that 14 homes and 8 buildings i believe in westmont were completely burned. so that is not okay. but praise the lord, literally, that he is alive.

i'll be praying for the people that actually lost everything.


Katie said...

that is such a (as i call it) God thing!!! I'm thankful that your brother is alive and i will always be praying for those who did lose everything.

Anonymous said...

so glad he's alright!

mkr mouse said...

oh my goodness! :O

so glad he's okay!