Friday, October 19

Lesson Learned

scrimmage today | i learned something
knew water polo was aggressive | never actually experienced it
it happened today | never again
girl i was blocking wouldn't let go of my suit | i was struggling to stay up
do i punch her? | do i let her keep going?
i didn't know the rules | it was awkward
pried her off | she grabbed again
got tired from treading to stay up | out of breath
shoved me aside | pissed me off
wanted to scream | had to calm myself
she got yelled at by coach | i was smiling inside
next time | she'd better watch out
heather is comin' | i will not be pulled down by her
can't wait to get our new tight suits | literally
my eyes have been opened | you can't be a sissy
never again | watch out world


maxdoggie said...

that must be annoying have a girl grab your suit and try to push and keep u underneath the water. go heather!

Shannon said...

aww i love your poems. be sure to call or email and let me know your game schedule!