Friday, October 19

open yourself...walk right out...begin to melt...

listening to dark house/forgot how good it was
shivers up my spine/pride swelling in my heart
carson has a good voice/jason is a good keyboardist
i love sun from shadow/can't wait for the cd release
my family is all going to be famous/real soon
jason and carson will be rock stars/ryan will be a famous filmmaker
shannon will be a rockin photographer/my mom will be a rad writer
jason will have paintings in museums/my dad something great
what about me?/someday.


maxdoggie said...

amazing. i am sure that someday u will do something worth while and fun! =) said...

Your time will come/you will change the world.

give it time..eventually.

with your charlie brown abilities (:

Crushinator said...

Heather, I am 11 not TEN, 11 the big one one!