Wednesday, October 17

Dear Buisness Owners/Adults,

Are you ready?
No, seriously.
I have possibly the most exciting news ever that I KNOW you want to hear.
yes, YOU
can help me
and Trabuco Hills High school
to achieve great things.
As you are well aware, I am in water polo.
As you are also probably aware,
water polo comes at a hefty price.
It costs a lot.
For just $80, you can purchase an "advertising ball,"
which is a flat water-polo ball shaped plaque
that will hang on the Trabuco campus
for all to see.
Yeah, it sounds lame.
But I'm not even done.
This plaque will say your business name and info
which all of the water polo spectators will view,
THEREFORE, getting the name of your business out there!
And not just to students.
Oh no.
To parents, children, relatives, and anyone who comes to THHS to watch water polo or swimming.
But that's not all.
Your $80 dollars won't just go to the school board or some lame place.
$40 dollars will go to the water polo program
and $40 will help pay for all of my expenses!
Or, if you don't have a business and would just love to contribute, then I would also appreciate that just as much.
Now, let's review the benefits in store.


  • TONS of publicity for your business, which means more money for you.
  • The pride of a job well done
  • Knowing that you are helping me succeed in water polo
  • Helping the school!
  • $40 dollars less to pay for the loads of expenses!
The benefits are endless. I would really appreciate if you could help me out this year in water polo, so if you would like to purchase an advertising water polo ball or know anyone that would, then let me know, and I will love you forever!

Heather Leith


Maddie! said...

you are an excellent saleswoman. it just makes me want to go out and purchase a flat waterpolo ball plaque.

Jordan said...

If I ever have something to sell, I'm coming straight to you, Miss Leith.

Anonymous said...


double wow

what a saleswoman!