Wednesday, October 17

Ya Don't Do That.

[Time: 5:40 AM]

It's time. 5:40. My daily wake up time.
I drag myself out of bed, dreading every inch of movement away from my warm bed.
I pull on a sweatshirt
and thump downstairs to eat breakfast.

[Cereal of Choice: Special K Red Berries]
I groggily pour myself a bowl and sit down at the computer, the florescent light blinding me.

[Website of Choice:]
Waiting for the page to load, I dwell on how tired I am, and what a bizarre dream I just woke up from.
I view Zeinah's latest post.
Thank the {lord} for this late start day.
i'm about to keel over from lack of sleep, including a few delusional nights."

I am suddenly alert.
Late start day.
Is today.
That I am up
at 5:40
in the wee hours of the morning
while it is still dark
when really
i don't have to be up
for another

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!?!?!?!?!??!
I sit in shock. I cannot even believe that I am up,
wasting precious sleep.
I quickly finish my Special K
and walk upstairs
and slam my door
and flop in bed
and bury myself with covers
and try to sleep
but now I am wide

I end up falling asleep, but it wasn't as glorious.
Well, thank you Zeinah, for reminding me.
I would have been standing at the front door,
ready to go,
only to discover
I should have been in bed.



Anonymous said...

your weeeeeeeelcome! i will start posting all late start days jooooost for jhuu!!!! or else you might do the same exact thing.


i know you will

maxdoggie said...

i know exactly what you're going through! i have had it done to me before.

Rachel Styffe said...

ouch. ouch. ouch. no fun. not any fun at all.