Wednesday, May 2


I hate awkward moments. I am a semi-awkward person sometimes, so when my mom's old friends from Canada came an visited, I know my semi-awkwardness would double to full-on-AWKWARDNESS, especially since I have not seen them since we moved here. Here was our dialog when one of the ladies saw me:
"Hi, Sue!"
(Sue turns around, a look of surprise on her face)
"OH my goodness, is that Baby Heather? YES, it isssss! Oh my goodness, I haven't seen you in so long!"
(I remain on the couch awkwardly)
(fake laugh)
"Haha, yeah..."
"That's so great."
"Haha, yeah..."
"You are so big! I didn't know who it was, but it's YOU!"
"Haha, yeahh..."
Do I get up and hug her? Do I stay here and smile? Do I engage in conversation? Do I keep doing my math? Do I shake hands with her? What do I do?
This was my unsteady train of thought. I ended up just fake-smiling and staying on the couch.

Other awkward moments:
*Seeing someone wave, waving back, and then realize that they were waving to someone else.

*Saying "thanks" or "you're welcome" at the wrong time- i.e. "You are so funny." "You're welcome." You don't know whether to point out your stupidity or act like nothing happened. (This happened whilst talking on the phone to Stephen Perry.

*Farting and then trying to play it off like it wasn't you.

*Hugging someone, but both your heads go the same way, so your cheeks are smushing together.

*Someone putting out their hand to greet you, but you don't know whether do shake or high-five it. I always end up doing the wrong thing.

What are awkward moments that happened to you in the past week?

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Short Blonde Freckled One said...

hahI totally did half of those towrds you! hehe! oh goodness theo ne with the hugs and i was watching thw whole sue thing! THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! haha! i love our and your wierd and aqward times together they are so fun! hehe!