Wednesday, May 2

Name That Show!

"Shot in the heart...."
"And you're to blame..."
"These shirts took us three hours to make..."
"Ya, and we missed Felicity."


joanna (: said...


and its

Shot through the heart!
And you're to blame
These shirts took us three hours to make (or is it days? i think its hours)
Yeah... And we missed Felicity

Tis the skit on the Best of Chris Kattan DVD and it's the one where him and another guy, I forgot his name, are doing an audition in front of Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora and they do It's My Life clad in leather jackets and hotpants. For all you people who haven't seen it. You must. It is HILARIOUS

joanna (: said...

It's 3 NIGHTS, i just checked

heather.christianne said...

alright, thanks joanna.


joanna (: said...

yes. i get excited when we talk about that.