Friday, May 4


(cake made for me by Zeinah.)
Cinco de Heather!
"What's Cinco de Heather?"
Allow me to tell you.

TOMORROW is Cinco de Heather. It is a combination on my birthday and Cinco de Mayo, as you may have predicted.

Today I had a GUNG-HO Pre-Cinco de Heather.

This is how it all began.

Yesterday in Science, someone casually suggested that we have
a Cinco de Mayo party. My teacher, Mrs. Black, would fully let us do something like that. Hearing the term Cinco de Mayo, my hand automatically shot up.
"THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" I shouted uncontrollably. Mrs. Black just laughed and said that we could.
"I'll bring a pinata!" I yelled. Then people just started yelling out what they would bring.
"I'll bring plastic cups and paper pl
"I'll bring chips and salsa!"
"I'll bring a cake!"
"I'll bring a CD!"
"I'll donate money for pizza!"
"I'll bring margarita mix!"
So it began. The secret planning of the Period 5 Party. We decided that we would be celebrating my birthday, this kid Ricky's birthday, and Brian Gomez getting the mile record (5:04. I fully respect that man. That is amazing.) Hence:
Cinco de RickyHeatherGomez.
It was set.
There would be bouncers (Mrs. Kutcher), a DJ, flame dancers, iPods, iHomes, a secret password to get was going to be


Today was the day. We had the shin-dig at lunchtime. Our class donated $90 dollars for pizza alone. It was amazing. We all eagerly ran to the classroom at lunch- punks, geeks, cool people, and normal people alike. No one thought it was too lame or too little-kiddish. Everyone was so eager! It was so much fun!The precious Mrs. Black serving our virgin margaritas. (As you can see in the next two, some people couldn't handle it.)Kyle Shivers + Alex Lee + class toasting to Mrs. BlackTHE PINATA! When I showed this masterpiece to the class, they were speechless.
We tried hanging it up, but there was no where to do it...
So we pitched it to Ricky and he hit it with a hockey stick.
Basically, my science class = my new love. I thought no one would come and it would just be lame. But NAY! Everyone was so enthusiastic! Everyone should take a lesson from Mrs. Black's Period 5.

It is your mission to find out what that lesson is.


Maddiee is the namee said...

This party was off the chain Happy Cinco de RickyHeatherGomez! woww Mrs. Black is the best teacher in the universee :)

Elise B. said...

hahaha that sounds fun! none of my teachers would ever do something like that... your so lucky :)

joanna (: said...

I love shoe pinatas.

I think brian's time was 5:04 not 6:04

heather.christianne said...

that is what i meant.