Monday, April 16

Future Track Star...Right Here.

Today, April the sixteenth of two thousand and seven, marks the renewing of Heather Leith's track and field career. Lo and behold, this experience begins at RSM Intermediate at 3:00 PM. She is all suited up and ready to go...her friend/foe Melissa, however, is not. Far from a track star, she is decked out in a flowy tank top, skinny jeans, Uggs, fuzzy socks, and a long necklace. Shame to her familia. She has to leave her Uggs in the middle of the field whilst we do relays. They were almost valdalized by an unknown male with blue earrings. Melissa, take heed to this warning. While she was sprinting in bare feet, Heather was reminiscing on her past track career. She was and is a track star, as you can see below.
Heather doing hurdles (far left)

Heather prepping for the shot put

Heather high jumping (yes, I was a member of the Hawthorne Huskies.)

Heather celebrating her first place in the all-around

As you can see, I was a S-T-A-R. My talents kind of faded, however, as the years flew by. However, today marks the beginning of a new chapter in her life. She will redeem her title of Number One at the track meet. You just wait.

p.s. if you go to a different school, join track and then you can try to beat me at the meet.


FLOWERCHILD :] said...

The unknown male equals Erik.
And, I shall conquer you.
You watch.

Shannon said...

are you really in track?

heather.christianne said...

yeah i really am. i am so proud of myself.

Estupi├▒an...with a ├▒ said...

ha ha. i was laughing the whole time

wow. i love you my heathh!

E.Money said...

i think you might want to look into getting a new look a little bit different in each one of these pictures...;)

love it. you're hilarious.