Sunday, April 15

My favorite movie

Meet the Robinson's. Amazing. No joke. When Joanna and I decided that we would see a movie together, we picked Meet the Robinson's, thinking that it would just be a silly, happy-go-lucky movie. Whatever.

NO. It was inspirational. It was somewhat bizarre. It had a great message. It had deep plots with twists and turns. It was PHENOMENAL.

Throughout the whole movie, Joanna and I discussed the plots and themes and how everything connected. No joke. We have a deep emotional connection with this movie.

The must see movie this year? Meet the Robinson's. Period.


FLOWERCHILD :] said...


kaylarayla said...

I completely was awesome!

Estupiñan...with a ñ said...

"i have a big head, and little arms" <3

FLOWERCHILD :] said...

i hope you know that you are a festoon.