Tuesday, April 17

High School and Track...So Overwhelming.

Alas, High School is nearing. Today we had a presentation from the guidance counselors at THHS. To say the least, my blood pressure has risen at least 50 points (what is blood pressure measured in??). There are so many choices to make.
Should I go from periods 1-7, 2-7, or 1-6?
Should I do a sport?
Which sport?
Girl's Wrestling?
Should I just do regular PE?
Should I take a language right off the bat, or wait a year?
French, Spanish, or German?
Which elective?
Video TV?
Should I join a club?
Yu-Gi-Oh club?
Boba club?
Juggling Club?
Esoteric Order of Dagon Club? (whatever Esoteric and Dagon mean.)
Party for the Planet Club?
Ping Pong Club?
Simple Organic Living Club?
Knitting Club?
Indian Pop Rocks Club? (yes, all of the above are clubs at Trabuco. No, I am not considering any. Well, maybe Yu-Gi-Oh club.)
Should I even BE in a club?
OH MY GRACIOUS! I AM OVERWHELMED! PEOPLE OUT OF/IN HIGH SCHOOL! SOME HELP HERE? I am calling a family conference tonight. For real. I cannot make these decisions alone.
After that frantic post, track seems much more calming. It was a HARD practice today. First of all, I had PE last period, so I was already a bit tired out. Secondly, we had to jog a lap, but people got all competitive and went fast, so I had to speed up so I wouldn't be lagging. Then we ran for five continuous minutes. THEN we sprinted the 400, which is sprinting around the track. I mean SPRINTING. HARD. I pretty much collapsed when I was done, and I was the slowest person the whole time- yet I was tiredest. I need to improve if I want to do the meet. I am determined. I will work HARD. Well. Maybe I shouldn't even worry, because I won't even qualify for the running parts, nor do I want to. I probably will make it for the high jump. But still, I want to work hard and improve. GO ROADRUNNERS.

This is one tired and overwhelmed chica, signing off.


rochelle said...

girl's wrestling. most def.

by the way...i love your junie b. jones self.

Alli Hibb said...

take a language freshman year, 3 years in HS means none in college...and then you can get out early as a senior.

also, take regular PE. so much easier.

don't join a club, unless it's the ping pong club. otherwise, you just end up missing a lunch with friends to sit in some classroom and talk about lame things...BORING!

oh, and do you think DAGON was supposed to be DRAGON? because then I think you should join THAT club!

Mel East said...

hey hey hey,
I feel the same EXACT way!!!! umm I am doing a sport you should too so you can get out of p.e!!! and drama! i am taking a spanish class so I ma more better when I go to mexico yah so thats what is good

Shannon said...

Here's what a seasoned graduate would do, ie: me.

Period's 1-6. Getting out of school early rules. (unless getting up early makes you want to die, in which case, 2-7. But not 1-7. No need to push yourself that hard.

I would do regular PE. But I hate sports, so for me it was the best way to go. Sports take up time that you could be ACTING.

The Simple Organic Living Club sounds like the best investment of time you could put into ANYTHING. Be in this club, and blog about it, and I will live vicariously through you.

Take a photography class because
1) Mrs Seefeldt is the most wonderful teacher
2) We can photograph together
3) it gives you life skills. you will always need pictures, and might as well make them GOOD-- right?

Get your language out of the way, and do Spanish. I have never once needed my French skills, and have dreaded not taking spanish.

Call me if you need more help. Seriously.

heather.christianne said...

oh my goodness thank you so much everyone! i need someone to just be like, heather, do this. don't do that. and thats what my loyal friends and sister have done. MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS!

Brent said...

Hi Heather. Thanks for the comment. I don't think we've met, but I do know Shann and Carson.

Some good advice from others. Mine: make the most of your high school time. Have fun.