Friday, March 12

I found ANOTHER Leith Legacy book!

This time it's The Great Gatsby. I'm not even reading it yet, but I got it out to lend to a friend. She gave it back to me today and I thought maybe, just MAYBE....I opened up the front cover while sitting in math waiting for the bell to ring, and what do I find?

Everyone BUT dumb Carson used it...AGAIN. Come ON Cars. What's with your lack of participation? No one appreciates it.

This kid in my class saw me marveling at it and said, "Wow Heather, that's like a family heirloom." You're right Alex. It is. I am so excited to read it now and make another design on the back cover. Weeeee!

P.S. I used proper capitalization in this whole post. It felt weird. Proud?
P.P.S. I wrote my name quickly because I was so excited to cement my name in history except I didn't even take the time to practice like last time. So it's too small and timid. Shoot.


mkr mouse said...

"No one appreciates it."

heh! Your blog is an awesome thing.

Anonymous said...
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prasad jachak said...

nice blog...