Sunday, February 7

winta fo fo one oh.

each school dance i have gone to has surpassed the previous one. winter formal did not disappoint. everything was just lovely! from the the elevator gabby stealing matt from me...
to me taking really cute the friends!
i even enjoyed the rain that decided to ambush us. it caused problems for our outdoor photo location, but we just switched to a hotel in melinda and all was well. and rain makes for nice pictures.
i call this one: Cheesy.
my outfit worked out quite nicely. as did mah hurrr.
i call this one: Cheesy, Part 2.
ryan: feet in the rain. it's what shannon would do. [she ended up not being able to come take pictures, so ryan stepped in, what a nice man.]

this was before melissa remembered that she still had her glasses on.
after pictures we went to dinner at islands, then got golden spoon, and then the PARTY BUS picked us up. OH MY GOSH it was SO fun. it was basically a pre-dance party, except we were in motion and everyone was falling everywhere while hanging onto these rails on the ceiling. it was the best, thing, ever. someone even stepped on mark's pants and they got a giant rip in them. great times.

next stop, yorba linda community center. there were a bunch of different rooms, and first we went to the room that had a live swing band and a big dance floor. matt and i improvised a partner dance, beginning with a bow and a curtsy from across the floor and ending with a cliche dip. very classy, trabuco. a room that was not full of freak dancing teens was very refreshing.

there was also a room with dance dance revolution, foosball, etc. rachel and i DDR battled. she won. whatever.

and then, there was the main event. the main dancing room was so sweaty that the windows were fogged up. this is where the majority of our time was spent, mainly on the outer edges of the room dancing on the walls. r.pat and i got some really strange looks as we danced our solos. the majority of t.hillz cannot comprehend and type of dancing beyond their favorite style, freaking. so we decided to enlighten them. man, what a workout. LOVE IT.

oh, and when a taylor swift song came on, i had to go stand on the steps by the stage and sing for everyone. i mean, for my group of friends. because they all know t.swift is my fave. but the DJ noticed my performance, and called me up on stage and handed me a microphone. i was so. excited. this was my calling. i proceeded to perform "you belong with me" to the giant crowd, getting mixed reactions. my friends at the front were screaming and holding their hands out for me to touch, a la concert. others were smiling, kind of puzzled, yet enjoying the show. and everyone else was just staring, very very confused. the music video was playing on a screen behind me, and i turned around and sang to lucas till onscreen, stroking his digital face. the crowd loved it. basically it was the best moment of my life. when the song ended, they went wild. and i bowed. and then went back to dancing, making trips to the bathroom every so often to wipe off the sweat literally dripping everywhere. oh, what i life i lead.

well, after that dance ended we went back to our party bus and had a third dance on the way home. ahh, high school dances. i just love them. next up, tesoro's winter formal at angel stadium with chase parker! i can't wait.


Annie said...

i love your story about singing taylor swift! haha =)

shan said...

just so you know, you are living the life i wish i lived in high school. i went to 3 little homecomings, zero winter formals, and no proms. all of which were awkward because i hated dancing. so to have the confidence to sing to taylor swift on stage and dance twice in a party bus and once by yourself at the wall.......... one word: jealous!! wish i could have see your hot hair in person!!!!!!!!!!!!! you looked stunning, heath.

heath(er) said...

ohh shan, you crack me up. thank you for your complimentary narrative.

Marilyn Paul said...

Hi Heather...Just hope you go back this far to read comments. I just found this part of your blog today. You stopped blogging and I stopped looking....BUT, Im so glad glad glad that I saw this's really fun/great! The way you discribe things is wonderful. I can picture it exactly. GREAT. My Mother never let me go to dances because they were evil. I always wanted to go.
love ya, GR MA