Friday, August 14

it started at the bench and it ended at the tree....

i just returned from a week at the lovely camp ojai with saddleback!
it was absolutely phenomenal.
by far, best camp experience ever.
and guess what time it is now?
list time!
my favorite things about camp.
here we go.
1. the girls in my cabin (4 CD, holla back)! stephanie was our leader, and then there was me, r. styff, lauren, katie, jill, ashley, bre, noelle, and tessa. judgements that i had had of some people before completely went away when we all got to know each other. we had so much fun talking until 3 AM and not participating in cabin cleanups and laughing and going ziplining and having looong cabin time. we all became really good friends, which is just wonderful.

2. the speaker. goodness gracious. josh riebock. he looks like tarzan, jesus, jason mraz, and many other people. each of his talks radically changed every single person at camp. he is an engaging, hilarious, and powerful speaker. the things he told us will change the way i live out my faith for the rest of my life.

3. the staff. this was one thing i loved about ojai as opposed to hume- the camp is smaller, so all of the staff actually build relationships with you. they are all so so great!

4. the rec games. nuff said. they were genius.

5. beach day! we all went down to ventura state beach for the day. some of us from my cabin cleverly brought our sleeping bags with the knowledge that the nighttime was freezing. and how wise we were. i was super tired, so i basically slept on the beach in my sleeping bag for the whole free regrets. after that we had dinner and then worship/talk from josh. it was lovely.

6. i learned to surf. i stood up like 3 times. and fell all three times. but now i know what to do!

7. date night/camp's got talent/dance party. i commend you, ojai. this final night of camp was comprised of a bark/leaf/rubber band corsage, the best 80's costume i have ever compiled, failing around as a backup dancer for the hoedown throwdown, getting sentimental while watching the camp video, and dancing until 2 AM, which included watching the speaker take alyssa's and my dance move and utilize it for 10 minutes. success.

this is a short little list but i think you get the picture that ojai was phenom to the max. i will provide pictures for you all when i receive them.

what would you like for dinner? a hot pocket or, a hot pocket?

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Alyssa said...

Heather Leith you are after my heart. I think I echo this list in more ways than one. Shout out to the dance move!