Saturday, March 28

my last post was number 666.

in other news...
today i participated in a vintage fashion photo shoot for a project jackie russo is doing. here are the results!

i held the light reflector for this one of ashlee
what in the world, jackie is so great!
i love this one of jess,
aaand me. reading edgar allen poe in my high waisted first modeling experience.
mark the day!

thank you jackie for these lovely snaps.


Shannon said...


it honestly took me a few minutes for it to click that it was YOU!! oh my gosh!!
you look

love it!

m e g • (an) said...

oh my lanta.
you are such a babe heather.

i can't even handle it.

just jen :] said...

wow. modeling. i have to say i agree with meg. what a babe. haha. so, me, meg, and sid are gettin together this summer to chill- you join' the party?

just jen :] said...

hahaha. parents shamarents. lets go. we're one state away, we can carpool.

Anonymous said...

Just smashing, Heather! Fun to see it here, but I bet it was funner to do the experience! Do it Shannon, I didn't recognize you (but just in the first pictur). After that it was a grown up Heather. Alfie and I are in Ferndale, WA this morning and it is snowing out there! AMAZING! We were HOT three or four days ago! Love ya, GR MA

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, well, I just went back and looked at the pictures and the reason I didn't recognize you was because it wasn't YOU! Oh ya, gr ma

Katie said...

you look stunning, Heather! ;) btw, awesome photo shoot, looks like tons of fun. :D

blythe said...

heath, that picture of you is incredible. did shan tell you when i shot "1940s" pics of her last year? i'm such a sucker for fake old fashioned photos. and real old fashioned photos, for that matter.

and thanks for becoming a 'follower' of my blog, by the way! :]