Sunday, February 22

watching the oscars and analyzing julius caesar in paragraph form really don't mix.

hence my blogging...
so i would really like to know why miley cyrus, zac efron, and vanessa hudgens are here. please. they have no business attending the oscars.
oh, and have you heard that miley is writing a MEMOIR? what has she been through in life? that's unjust.

slumdog millionaire has thus far won three awards. let's hope that there is more to come...


ali said...

agreed. on all of it.

here's my new blog address! weeee! :)

m e g • (an) said...

hey heath.
can i call you heath?
or do you prefer heather?
or heatha.
or hee.dizzle,
or h.unit.
or heathdawg.

i hate miley cyrus.
i strongly dislike her.
and her hair.
and her face.
and her fake self.
she was so lovely at one time, then hollywood corrupted her.
i also do not like Baby V and her boy Zac. She's a porn star. sick dog. and he is a fem.

i bet they are nice people.

Katie said...

i fully 100% agree with this post. why in the world is the HSM (high school musical) cast there??? Miley Cyrus is writing a memoir????? what is this world coming to?!

Katie said...

btw, yeah slumdog millionaire!

okay, i'm done.