Monday, February 23

i have come to the conclusion

that everyone i know who is a fan of taylor swift (myself included) does not want to like her, but they do. they can't help but love her music, despite their predisposition on her and her cheesiness. true, her lyrics can be cheesy and cliche and times, but i love them nonetheless. and they speak volumes, in my humble opinion.

and plus, she is gorgeous and from what i have seen, she's funny and seems like a nice girl.

am i right or am i right?


m e g • (an) said...

wrong. so very wrong, hee.dizzle.
i love loving her. It's sort of that guilty plessure you get by loving the jo bro's. It embraces your inner giddy girl.

and yes.
i have been called megatron. and mable [megan abel.. clever i know] meggy moo. m dizzle. m train. and of course my most famous- Melba, or Melbz. Thanks to my Spanish teacher in 8th grade.
i enjoy meg, over megan. but ya know- you can call me whatever you want, because i'm going to call you something different every time i speak to you.

kamini maya said...

so right. she's just so typical... and gorgeous that you want to hate her... but you just can't because her songs are so beautiful.

just jen :] said...

i'm strangely addicted to two things... taylor swift... and bikram yoga. crazy-ness.

Katie said...

you are right indeed! i also have the same guilty pleasure of listening to her music.

Anonymous said...