Thursday, January 8

woah, woah, woah, i've been tagged.

by kelly c'de baca to pick to fourth picture in the fourth file of my computer.
behold! here it is!
this was during the retreat for small groups at church.
we went to downtown disney one night, and found a phonebooth hidden among the hotels!
it was a little bit magical.

so melissa and i took a picture.
i tag shannon leith, cory tomlinson, megan abel, and sidney merryweather, jason leith, allison hibbard, carson leith, katie ravn, and anyone else reading this.
yes, you.


Katie said...

I've been tagged!!! =P

TheEnglishKid said...

Hey Heather! I thought I'd say Hi, as I've been reading your blog for a while now... I'm a friend of Meg and Sidney's, and just thought I'd make myself know... Talk to you later...!

Kelly said...

Thanks for being a good sport!!!