Sunday, January 11

i am in the OC register!

there i am, in the first row, in the back, looking at the camera!

read the story here.


Katie said...

nice! =)

m e g • (an) said...

woah woah woah.
is this your permit test?
it's a legit written test?
We say ours is a written test, but it's really on a computer, i would suppose it should be call a digitally writtened test.

i got your comment(s).
Our systems are quite alike, besides the ages and time. Once we have our licence, after six monthes we can drive with others. And with our permit if we want others in the car with us, we have to have a "responisble" 18 year old.
Speaking of driving, tomorrow and tuesday are my final days roading! Monday is when we go on the freeway. I'm sort of nervous that one of the other teens will kill us. But you know- whateva. Then tuesday is test day, then i have my licence. Whoooot.
We are so close to being legal.

Shannon said...

oh my gosh! fancy place--- mine felt like prison.

and congratulations!
you better find lots of copies and archive them archivally

mkr mouse said...

wow, two Leiths in the OC in one week??? What are the odds?
So cool!

mkr mouse said...
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