Monday, January 26

"regarding my hair...can you PERM IT?"

yeah, that's right, i just got my permit, ladies and gentlemen.

DGAF permit oh nine
behind the wheel, here i come.


TheEnglishKid said...

You're fifteen, and you got your permit?! Wow. That's amazing.

I can get mine in six months. Once I turn seventeen. Yep. That's England!

Katie said...

congraz! my parents want me to wait before doing Driver's Ed. XP

m e g • (an) said...

Way to be champ!
Guess who gets thier legit license in just over a month?
Meg does! Party party. Maybe Sid and I will com visist you in cal.i.forn.i.a.
That would be lovely. I do miss seeing the sun.

jENn!FERrrrr :] said...

Congratz! Have fun with behind the wheel. Well worth it, matter-o-factly.