Saturday, January 31

hi friends!

i haven't posted in forever; for that i am very sorry.

so last night i slept over at shannon's apartment. we were planning to go to bikram yoga (vigorous yoga in a 105 degree room) in the morning, so i prepped by drinking 7 glasses of water throughout the was great.

so let me tell you about bikram yoga. you go into this big room, and you're immediately sweating. it is one HUNDRED and FIVE degrees. you feel like you're going to die. so you go in and lay on your mat and breathe and wait for the class to begin. the next ninety minutes are filled with intense breathing and stretches and poses (my personal favorite: the bow pose), and 2 minutes into the class, everyone is completely wet with sweat. the ridiculous perspiration realeases toxins and helps you stretch better, or something to that effect. and at the end, the instructor was like "namaste." and everyone echoed her.

i felt like i was going to die, but at the same time, it was so invigorating. it's weird.

it's both torture and heaven.

i loved it.


ali said...

that sounds AMAZING.
i wanna do that!!

Shannon said...

that is the best description ever. they should use that on their website.

and------- you forgot to mention that you were a pro on day 1.

Katie said...

sounds so relaxing. ahhh...i want to do yoga.